2018 / October 2018

Let it be

The Beatles

Photo by Paulette Wooten on Unsplash

“When I find myself in times of trouble … let it be”. The unforgettable moving words of the Beatles. And now, perhaps more recognisable as a meditative mantra reflective of a mindful approach to living.

There is a real beauty and wisdom in acceptance over worry. Being able to allow things to just be what they are is certainly a more liberating experience than becoming anxious as to what might or might not happen. Indeed, the things which we often become anxious about are the things we have little control over anyway. Further, if they are things which we can change, worry is unlikely to affect any action.

Perhaps the more significant question for most of us is how we can learn to just ‘let it be’ when our minds so quickly run off in to thoughts, questions and worries. I think the song gives us some useful imagery which may help.

I wake up to the sound of music — one way of helping us to wake up and take control of our thinking is to distract our brains by engaging other senses. Really, deeply, listening to a piece of music can help us to do this.

Speaking words of wisdom — similarly, we might choose to engage the brain in a different exercise. This could be attempting to refocus on a book or film, reciting something and singing. The content might offer us some alternative wisdom for the situation we face, but even if it doesn’t, may help us to take back control of our mind.

There is a light that shines on me — the other day I drove past a film makers light. As I went by I was struck by how it was immensely warm. It felt a bit like the warmth you sometimes feel when the sun toasts your body. This reminds us that another way for us to engage the senses can simply be to engage some of the more physical and experiential aspects, such as focusing on a change of body temperature or stretching.

Three simple techniques, but all with the same goal, refocusing and regaining control of our minds. Finally, remember “There will be an answer … let it be”.


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