2019 / February

Everybody’s gonna love today


Photo by Alex Martinez on Unsplash

Often for us to really enjoy or learn from something we have to ignore the bits we don’t want to pay too much attention to. Whether it’s the film with some slightly inappropriate scenes, a talk which goes off at a tangent, or a song where some of the lyrics might not be that helpful.

When faced with these situations, we get the opportunity to mature and learn to seek the good and leave the less helpful. I think this is fundamental to living with true diversity. Being able to hear the learning in each situation whilst accepting the difference, and perhaps, things we are not so keen on.

When it comes to this week’s song choice, that is exactly what I’ve done. I love the energy and optimism of this song. It’s just one of those tunes which makes you smile when you hear or sign it. A perfect choice for a wellbeing blog? I think so, but it does mean having to totally ignore the overtly sexual connotations of the verses! Still there is plenty in the chorus to help us grow.

Everybody’s gonna love today … anyway you want to, anyway you got to …

This speaks so much to me. It speaks of choice. Making the conscious decision to love the day I’m in. That no matter what I might face during a day, and it usually comprises of things I like and things I’m not so keen on, I still have the opportunity to welcome the experience the day will bring.

It also speaks of the conscious decision to experience the day my way, anyway I want to. Again, during most days’ things happen or are said to me which I’d rather weren’t. I don’t have control over this. Yet, I do have control over how I react and therefore experience the situation. I can still choose to react to, and experience a situation, the way I want to.

There is a reality to the lyrics too, anyway you got too. As already noted, we don’t have control over what is done to us. But the reality is we do have to take control of our reaction. The only real alternative is that we allow our reactions to control us. So, whether we feel like it or not, we’ve got to take control of our reactions for the sake of our own wellbeing.

So, whilst Mika’s catchy number may have much which isn’t really useful for this blog, I can still make a decision to take what is useful. The challenge now is to do that with the rest of life.


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