2019 / September

Generate the music that makes you feel better

Generator by The Holloways

Photo by Travis Yewell on Unsplash

Have you ever wondered why this blog has a musical theme? Well in part, it’s because I love music. But it’s also in part due to the fact that I always find, when I’m struggling with life, music brings something to me. It engages my emotions and thoughts in a way that words on their own never do. In the words of The Holloways, from this week’s song choice, Generator:

I can get a record player, and a generator. Generate the music that makes you feel better.

The song suggests it’s not just me that is impacted by the power of music! Although I can’t quite explain it, music seems to touch my soul. It can dig deep in and help me change the way I feel about things.

It’s an interesting idea, as it leads me to the conclusion that whilst it is often actual external events which cause me distress, it’s often my inner emotional and cognitive reactions which can shape my response. In other words, whilst the external factors are real, the perspective we take greatly influences the wellbeing we experience within the context.

It’s something sung about in the song:

I don’t live in poverty; I got a little bit of money and I’ve got a healthy body. I’m not going to let stuff get me upset, and I won’t let all the little things get me depressed.

What The Holloways go on to sing next is really interesting as it touches on how perspective changes as we become adults:

When I was a young boy, I got a stereo and I taped all the songs straight off the radio. The sounds that the bands made, and the melodies is all I need to make me feel free.

I think the older we get, the harder it can often become to deal with life’s stressors. We can feel trapped by adult responsibility and fear what impact our decisions might have on our future. One of the liberating qualities of youth is the simplicity and freedom to experience the now of life; being caught up in the positive or negative of the present moment, but then quickly leaving it behind as life moves on.

And music? Well, for me, music is one of the ways I can continue to do this. Listening and playing music can become one of those now moments of youth where the present moment comes alive, hopes and dreams are encouraged, and I am reminded of the wonder and simplicity of life.

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