2020 / July

But we’ll find a brighter day

The Only Way is Up by Yazz

Photo by Kai Gradert on Unsplash

Some days and weeks things seem to go so smoothly, but then there are the others. You know, those times when things just seem to go wrong. As someone who suffers with depression, I’ve found that on days like these it is so easy to catastrophise. But once of the things I’ve learnt over the years is to embrace the feelings and look forward. This week’s song hits the note perfectly, The Only Way is Up by Yazz.

The song starts with the sort of catastrophisation that is typical:

We’ve been broken down to the lowest turn … Bein’ on the bottom line … But if we should be evicted. Huh, from our homes.

I guess it reflects that old expression, it never rains but it pours. Yet often, the reality is that it does just rain. Something bad happens and we can get drawn into the perspective that it is just typical for us. It’s how our life works. Everything is at risk. We are in the midst not of a shower but a deluge.

The reality is, often in those situations, we may feel like everything may be lost, but usually it isn’t. I find the spirit of this song so inspiring to hold on to when feeling like that.

We’ll just move somewhere else. And still carry on … The only way is up …

It’s that commitment to keep going which I find helps motivate from low points. It’s not that we know how, when, or where. It’s just that we know that to keep going is the best choice, and that there are others who will continue to walk the way with us if we will let them. And this takes an attitude of gratitude.

Now we may not know, huh, where our next meal is coming from. But with you by my side. I’ll face what is to come.

This mindset can help us go beyond our perspective and feelings to the world of hope. And in my experience, it is so often the support and friendship of others which helps us take that journey. That, and often a little motivating music to just get us back on our feet. So, if you’re having a tough week, why not take hold of the words of Yazz and commit yourself to the view that:

Things may be a little hard now. But we’ll find a brighter day.

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The Only Way is Up is taken from the album Wanted by Yazz:


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