2020 / February

I couldn’t be happy, any other way.

It Must Be Love by Madness

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

It’s valentine’s day so what better than a song to reflect the day, It Must Be Love by Madness. A song about the nature of love. But also, a song about the way in which we live and communicate love.

I couldn’t be happy, any other way.

I guess happiness can only be understood to be happiness if we can see it. Like contentment, it may be an internal condition on one level. Yet, there is also a communal nature to it. Does it really exist unless we share it with others? Yet like much when it comes to love, sharing and communicating goes way beyond the realm of words:

How can it be that we can say so much without words?

When training people as life coaches, and lecturing communication skills, I get to explore how little of our communication with others is formed by the actual words we use. So much of what we communicate comes through our body language, tone, intent, expression, etc.

And as we’ve arrived at another valentine’s day, it is our expression of love which will make a difference to others. And that expression goes beyond the commoditised world of cards and gifts, to the realm of actually choosing to live a loving life. Through our actions and intent to others, we can express love beyond words and beyond tokenism.

And really, to express a loving life, we don’t need someone specific to express it to. Just the desire to live a life of loving intent in all our interactions. But I guess, just isn’t really the word to use there. So, whatever you find yourself doing today, will you take up the challenge to show loving intent? It may be the most Valentinian thing you do all day.

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May you stay forever young.

21 February 2020