Winter Song by Sam Fender
2023 / December

Winter Song

Do you spare a thought or dream instead?

The Retune Blog - 29th December 2023

As we approach the end of another year it is always a great time to pause and take stock, and then look ahead to restart the new year with purpose and intent. In Sam Fender’s Winter Song, these ideas are extended to remind us that life isn’t just about us as individuals, but this reflection takes place in a wider communal context:

Do you spare a thought for the homeless tramp who wishes she was dead? Or pull up your bedclothes higher [and] dream of summertime instead?

Throughout, the lyrics of the song explore social justice and the intersection between our personal experiences and the experiences of others. For me, as I approach 2024 I know that it is this balance of personal care and the care of others that I want to  enhance. That means adding a bit more emphasis to my own health and fitness, alongside maintaining a desire to keep my vocational goals around a holistic approach to whole community growth and living life well.

Why not join me in taking this song as a prompt to start 2024 with reflective intention? Happy new year.

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