Good Day by Greg Street
2024 / February

Good Day

We’re gonna have a good day

The Retune Blog - 9th February 2024

People sometimes talk about getting up on the wrong side of the bed as being the beginning of a bad day. But is it how we wake up which determines the quality of our day ahead, or is it what we do once out of bed that counts?

This week’s song, Good Day by Greg Street, confronts this question head on:

You know today I just woke up and I said … instead of waitin' on a good day, waitin' around through ups and downs waitin' on something to happen I just say … We're gonna have a good day.

As I get older I’m finding myself becoming less and less of a morning person. So, I find it easy to tell myself I’m better having as much of a lie in as possible, and then getting on with stuff when I feel more awake. Yet, there’s something in this song which suggests being a bit more proactive in getting stuck into the day.

In fact, when I do get up when planned and get on with my day I often feel like I’ve set myself up for the rest of the day. Now while we all need different amounts of sleep, all are best waking up at a certain time, and all would ideally have an individual morning routine according to what is important to us, it seems there are a few patterns.

When Laura Vanderkam studied the morning routine of people who were successful she found some common threads. For starters, they tended to focus on things that were important to them rather than what was urgent. They also did the things they found hardest or simply boring in the morning. She concluded this was because our will power is at its strongest in the morning and fades as we become increasingly tired throughout the day.

This sort of makes sense to my experience. I know that I never relish exercising, and whenever I put it off until later in the day I always find an excuse not to do it. Yet, when I simply just get up and exercise regardless I always feel better after.

So, if I take the lyrics to this song seriously, it comes as a great reminder to me once again that making the most of my morning sets me up for the whole day. And to do this, I’ve got to decide what’s important to me and make some plans which might just require a bit of willpower.

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