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Deeper Underground

What’s your walk on song?

The Retune Blog - 10th May 2024

I want you to imagine the scene. The lights are all off in a huge arena. The crowd is massive and the atmosphere is electric. Then all of the sudden the lights come on full glare and the music kicks in. And you, well you walk out to your choice of music.

I’m sure we’ve all seen the type of thing. A heavyweight boxing contest sort of vibe. The person coming out wants to make an impression, set a tone, make a statement with their choice of music and accompanying swagger.

So, what would your choice of music be and why? What is the impression you are wanting to give with your song choice and what does it say about you?

Just for fun this week, let’s explore the idea and what it suggests about who we are. I’m going to give an example of my current choice (it constantly changes!) and why I think / what I think it’s about. Have a go yourself, and if you feel up for it, why not share it with us either by email or on social media @metanoeocic on X | Facebook | Instagram.

Jamiroquai - Deeper Underground

I was listening to this on my way to Nottingham this week and all of the sudden it struck me - this is my current choice of walk on song.


It’s got a big sound with funkiness and swagger. Imagine walking out to this baseline, the tight drumming and fuzzed up guitar. You would have to show attitude, and even the title lyric itself says something of that attitude … going deeper underground.

What does it say about me?

I think it says something about wanting to be a bit alternative, confident, unique, creative and having integrity to who I am. In fact, I think the music almost becomes a set of inspirational values for me to live up to.

So, what does your song say?

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