2021 / March

Only takes one match to burn a thousand trees.

A Thousand Trees by Stereophonics

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Have you ever noticed how small things can make such a big difference? For example, a ship’s rudder is a relatively small device in comparison to the ship itself, yet it can turn the whole direction in which the ship travels. Then there is the fire-starting potential of a single match. This is best expressed in the lyrics of the Stereophonics song A Thousand Trees.

It only takes one tree to make a thousand matches. Only takes one match o burn a thousand trees.

Sometimes it is the minute things which make all the difference. Perhaps a word of encouragement (or discouragement) which can change someone’s perception or decision. Or perhaps even the decision to make a small change in our own lives that when maintained over time can create a big difference.

This second idea is one I have become increasingly impressed by as a life coach as I’ve witnessed time and time again that it is the people who make consistent choices that end up reaching their goals. To the contrary, I’ve observed how those who make big decisions, often with the best of intent, find it hard to maintain their choices and soon slip back into behaviours they are not satisfied with.

It is something I have been trying for myself too. For a while I have wanted to lose some of my stomach weight, but with no real desire to make any significant lifestyle changes. However, over the past six weeks I have been able to lose 5kg through just making some small sustainable changes to how I exercise and what I eat.

So, if you are wanting to change something this year, why not consider what the small changes are that you could make which would over time create big results.

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A Thousand Trees can be found on A Decade in the Sun – The Best of the Stereophonics.


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2 April 2021