2021 / April

One step at a time.

One Step at a Time by Jordin Sparks

Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash

I’ve been listening to the memoires of the travel journalist and documentary maker Simon Reeve. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen any of his travel documentaries. We’ve always found them fascinating and have been impressed by his humility and curiosity. Listening to his memoires it’s been interesting to hear how he hasn’t come from a privileged background or had any connections. In fact, when aged seventeen he felt so helpless he was on the verge of committing suicide.

So, what was it which eventually led from him being a teenage lad with no qualifications, no job and no hope to a TV celebrity who has travelled the world? To quote his words, it was all about taking things “step by step”. And that’s the theme of this week’s blog picking up on the Jordin Sparks song One Step at a Time. The title of the song opens the chorus:

One step at a time, there’s no need to rush. It’s like learning to fly or falling in love.

Reeve talks about just taking the next step and not being too concerned about the long-term big picture. He found that rather than having a grand master plan, just doing something to push himself a little was far more effective. The lyrics from this song’s chorus say it well. Just focusing on the single step and not being in too much of a rush to worry about getting to the end goal. And I love the examples of falling in love or learning to fly; both significant experiences, but both of which just require us to do whatever comes next.

It’s a bit like learning a language. I’m learning Spanish at the moment. A few months ago, I knew nothing at all, and every word was a struggle. But as I keep taking small steps, practicing for 10 minutes every day, it is gradually building, and my confidence is (very slowly) growing. Not that any journey in life is ever a straightforward path.

You believe and you doubt. You’re confused and got it all figured out.

All our journeys and adventures in life are usually fraught with excitement and trepidation, highs, and lows, pushing beyond our comfort levels, and being able to sit back and enjoy. It’s the nature of life, and sometimes can feel overwhelming. So, when it does, we just need to remember, whatever journey we face, and whether we feel excited, or are lacking hope:

The only way you get there is one step at a time.

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One step at a Time is taken from Jordin Sparks self-titled debut album.

Simon Reeves memories are recorded in Step by Step.


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