In Praise of Water by Henge
2023 / November

In praise of water

Water, you are giving me life and you do so affably

The Retune Blog - 17th November 2023

Last Friday I once again got to see one of my favourite bands, Henge. When you take a look at the video of this song you might get an idea as to why: No-one goes to a Henge gig without having fun and leaving with a smile.

But more philosophically (yes read that word after watching the video!) Henge do something really amazing, they take the most taken for granted, normal things and recover their amazingness. Take their song In Praise of Water:

Water … you make in my cells … charge up so that I can exist in a human capacity.

Without water life would not exist, yet it's amazing life giving quality is something I rarely appreciate. Quite the opposite in fact, if I’m going for something to drink, I’d see water as the boring option.

The uniqueness of Henge is that they take the ordinary, and through fun, recover its specialness. And I think that is a fantastic life lesson. When we recover the fun in life and don’t take ourselves too seriously, we recover the wonder in the mundane.

Want to take a step along that journey? Then get your wiggle on.

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